Daniel Ghost's Quotes

Admitting a truth marks the beginning, but accepting it is a great stride... Ultimately, paradoxically, it shapes us according to how we handle it.

When you have to choose between love and happiness, it's because one of them isn't worthy of oneself.

Reaching your goal, mastering your craft, is the fruit of perseverance. However, the lasting impact of the outcome depends on how you approached your craft.

The body reflects our soul and mind. Language demonstrates and makes them apparent, but writing is the trinitarian reflection of our life that evokes its cause.

The price of what cannot be bought is elevated by the rarity of its purity. What we make of it adds to its worth, the balance of a life of happiness isn't measured in hours.

If death carries more fear than a life of pleasure, then your life is in peril.

A being is like a photograph. It has two sides, one positive and the other negative. It's up to each individual to determine which one they reveal by the end of their life.

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