Who is Daniel Ghost?

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Daniel Ghost - Author/Writer and Ghostwriter.


Daniel Ghost is the author of the German bestseller, "Das Buch von Daniel." A science book dedicated to the most passionate followers of quantum physics. He describes the subliminal functions of the subconscious mind and the spiritual phenomena associated with life. Seeking to distinguish himself from conspiracy theories, Daniel Ghost uses quantum physics to dispel doubts, substantiate his listed facts, and support his theses.


Daniel Ghost, born Daniel Muller, hails from the tri-border region of France/Switzerland/Germany in Switzerland but has resided in France since childhood. His passion for writing initially took shape in the German language, where he authored his first books.


However, his literary journey anchors in France, leaving us in awe with his Fiction-Reality novel "SECRET SHADOW" released in 2020.


Barely a year later, in 2021, Daniel Ghost continues to astound us with "LESLIE," a psychological thriller novel with facets as astonishing as they are unexpected, available in bookstores and online!


The story continues! In July 2023, Daniel Ghost launches "REVEALING CONJECTURE" in the French book market.


It's an enthralling tale of an NYPD police inspector embarking on a murder investigation, with the charmingly surprising Stacey as his right-hand woman. The revelations in the circumstances reveal an unimaginable and unexpected mix. A multifaceted work encompassing a police novel interwoven with psychological thriller elements, all soaked in the eroticism of the protagonists' relationship!


By the end of 2023, Leslie will be running the streets of England and the USA, arriving in the English language.


Daniel Ghost is currently working on a blank sheet... drenching it in a double-edged pen's blood-red!



The project is being forged and will soon be completed!




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