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Be cautious... Leslie is out!

Daniel Ghost écrivain auteur Leslie Secret Shadow salon du livre dédicace roman thriller policier fiction réalité

This thriller plunges you into an invisible whirlwind; an unforeseen drama takes shape through Leslie's story.


Get ready for an intricate and psychotic plot!


A prince charming, an extraordinary story without routine or financial woes, woven with unconditional love—this is what Leslie, a whimsical and hypersensitive young woman, dreams of.


Yet, reality inevitably pulls her back to her small ground-floor apartment, where she lives desperately alone.


Her sole acquaintance is Annabelle, an extraordinary neighbor who supports her and extends a helping hand toward a better life.


Her only outings are tied to her job as a newspaper distributor, a role she clings to and executes with great care...


It's during one of her routes that she encounters the mysterious Tea Lady... The mirror of her soul?

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Written by Daniel Ghost 

all cover created by Tiffanie & Daniel Ghost

Copyright© by Daniel Ghost